1. Sucker Pirate Love

2CELLOS x Jonas Brothers x Blackpink x Muse

2. Voodoo Poker Sabotage ft. The Kleptones

Beastie Boys x Lady Gaga x Billie Eilish x The Prodigy

3. Everybody Rock Da House

Backstreet Boys x Ray Charles x Shiba San x Phantom of the Opera

4. Move It Now Sandman ft. DJs From Mars

Metallica x Anti Up x Reel 2 Real

5. Somebody Psycho Told Me No Limit

The Killers x 2 Unlimited x Ava Max

6. Beautiful Dirrty Desert Mwah ft. Entyme

Christina Aguilera x Dua Lipa x Ed Sheeran x Khurt

7. Stand Back Red (Loved L$D Man)

Stevie Nicks x The Byrds x Lewis Capaldi x Prince x A$AP Rocky

8. Leave Home & Fight The Wall

Pink Floyd x The Chemical Brothers x Public Enemy x Nancy Sinatra x Eric Prydz

9. Hollywood's A Retrograde Feeling ft. MadMixMustang

Post Malone x Boston x Hardwell x Black Eyed Peas

10. The Bad Poison Chain

Billie Eilish x Alice Cooper x Fleetwood Mac

11. Crocodile Romance Times

Lady Gaga x Foo Fighters x Elton John

To Be Continued...

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